Join the prayer gathering at 11:00 a.m. on the first Sunday of each month in the PCC hall to pray for peace in Ukraine and other war torn nations, the conversion of souls, and for the end of evil.

Building & Grounds


This group of people is responsible for the maintenance needs of the church buildings and grounds. There is a steering committee that looks at long-term maintenance needs (such as a new roof, upgrading lighting system, etc.) and plans these into the church budget. There is also a ministry head that responds to everyday maintenance needs by calling on volunteers.

If you have skills you are willing to share as a volunteer, such as a plumbing, painting, electrician, locksmith, etc., please let us know. Help in this ministry is always needed.

Deacon Ken Ellis  735-8558


This kitchen needs a cadre of folks who regularly do a thorough cleaning, beyond that done at the end of every use. Volunteers will also be responsible for reorganizing and getting rid of low use items to help keep the kitchen clean and uncluttered.  

Deacon Ken Ellis     735-8558


As our PCC ages there will be more work to do. Repainting door frames, changing light bulbs, easy faucet fixes, storage room shelving, and investigating leaks in the furnace condensate drainage system are examples of the chores that periodically need doing. Please let us know if you are willing to help with this kind of maintenance.

Deacon Ken Ellis     735-8558


Most years, sprinkler repair involves replacing a sprinkler head that has been damaged, or adjusting a sprinkler so it shoots in the right direction or range.

Each spring there is a task to turn the system on and make sure it is working correctly. Please let us know if you are willing to help with this seasonal job.